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Redress has a big and bold mission and we need your support to see our mission come to life!

Attention: sustainable fashion designers!

We are looking for sustainable fashion designers to join our growing family of sustainable designers. If you are a sustainable fashion designer, we would love to hear from you, see your looks and learn more about your design philosophies. Please contact:

Attention: passionate sustainable fashionistas!

We are looking for passionate sustainable fashionistas from around the world, with a particular interest in Asia, to become our country representatives to keep us up-to-date with the who/what/where in your country. Please contact:

Attention: Hong Kong based fashionistas!

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us in the office or at our Hong Kong events. please contact:

Simply interested in staying up-to-date with Redress, EcoChic, EcoChic Design Award, EcoChic Design Academy or what’s going on in sustainable fahion?

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