Textile Database

We would like to take the mystery out of sourcing sustainable textiles from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Over the last few years, we’ve enjoyed working with a host of Chinese sustainable textiles suppliers. More recently, we conducted our own research on designers’ and buyers’ perceptions about sourcing sustainable textiles from China. Through this, we discovered that international designers and buyers find it hard to access Chinese sustainable textile suppliers.

Now we are here to help.

Our ‘Chinese Sustainable Textile Supplier Database’ is compiled with you in mind. Our database contains a variety of sustainable textiles, such as recycled cotton, bamboo and Tencel, the suppliers’ current certifications and their contact details. Remember, we provide this information in good faith so please feel free to further investigate the suppliers’ claims.

And now we want to help you even more.

We repeatedly hear that designers experience challenges in sourcing smaller orders of sustainable textiles since many of the larger suppliers have a minimum order that can prohibitive. If this is a problem for you and you are interested in a group order, we will endeavour to connect you with other designers who feel the same. We can’t promise you anything but we will do our best. Please contact us at info@redress.com.hk.

Please read our database terms and conditions carefully. Redress is not responsible for the reliability or quality of the suppliers and for any business transactions that might occur with the suppliers in the database. Although the information provided in this database is compiled from sources we believe to be reliable, Redress makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, validity, timeliness, completeness, non-infringement, security or suitability for any purpose of the information in this database.

If you have any queries or find any of the information in this database to be incorrect, please contact info@redress.com.hk.

Download your copy of the database here.