Consumer Campaigns


15/30 The Capsule Wardrobe Project

The ”15/30 The Capsule Wardrobe Project” challenges you to wear only 15 items of clothes for 30 days in an attempt to promote conscious wardrobe management and clothing waste reduction to consumers. The project has just kicked off in Hong Kong earlier this week by T Like BubbleTea and is now tearing through wardrobes globally.

Redressing KEE

Redress and the private members KEE Club organized a pre-Chinese New Year clothing donation drive to raise awareness about Hong Kong’s high textile waste rates and to divert unwanted clothing from landfill to local charities…

Cathay Pacific Clothing donation

We facilitated with the re-distribution of 200 pre-worn uniform overcoats, donated by Cathay Pacific following their recent uniform change, to rural communities living in Pakistan. Our humanitarian relief charity partner, Compassion Revival expertly managed the re-distribution of the coats from Hong Kong to Karachi…

Clothing Donations to Green Ladies

The Redress Team dug deep into our own wardrobes to donate some of our own pre-loved clothing to our partnering secondhand charity shop, The Green Ladies, run by charity St James’ Settlement.

EcoChic Swish

The EcoChic Swish was an informal discussion on sustainable clothing disposal followed by a glamorous clothes swapping event, co-organised by QueenEco, which took place on 28th October 2010 at the luscious John Hardy Showroom in Hong Kong…