Eco Design Fair

Our ‘Style and Sustain Exhibition’, featuring the low-textile waste creations by six designers and brands, took place within the fantastic EcoDesign Fair at The Waterhouse, on Shanghai’s charming ‘east meets west’ South Bund on 14th April 2012.

The exhibition itself was also a celebration of east meets west. Three designers from Hong Kong and three from the UK created one strong message that high-appeal mainstream fashion can come with a low environment impact.

The purpose of our ‘Style and Sustain Exhibition’ was to educate Shanghai consumers about the innovation in sustainable fashion design, focused on textile waste reduction, which is now hitting the fashion scenes of Hong Kong and London.

We loved it because a record breaking 10,000 visitors attended the EcoDesign Fair in one day to learn from over 70 different exhibitors from all walks of ‘eco’ life about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Designers and labels exhibited: 

Hong Kong UK
Aman Cheung Ada Zanditon
Eric Wong Junky Styling
Janko Lam Orsola de Castro, From Somewhere 



Eco Design Fair.