EcoChic Design Award Hong Kong 2011 Finalists, Hong Kong

The EcoChic Design Award Hong Kong 2011 Finalist Exhibition featured the works by our six EcoChic Design Award Hong Kong 2011 finalists and took place during Interstoff Asia Essential Autumn from 6th to 8th October 2011, organized by Messe Frankfurt. Each of the six exhibited designers contributed two zero waste garments each; one made using reclaimed factory textiles and the other made using recycled textiles.

The purpose of the exhibition was to demonstrate to retailers, buyers and garment and textiles manufacturers how recycled and reclaimed textile, coupled with sustainable fashion design techniques such as zero waste design, are becoming increasingly popular with emerging Hong Kong designers.

In addition to this, the exhibition allowed us to share our research findings on international buyers’ and designers’ perceptions of sourcing sustainable textiles from China with a prominent group of pan-Asian textile suppliers.

We loved it because our EcoChic Design Award Hong Kong 2011 Finalists were challenged to create new pieces for the exhibition and even in the five short months since the competition completion, we could already see how these emerging designers are deepening their expertise in sustainable fashion design.

Exhibited Designers

Aman Cheung Eric Wong Ferrando Chan
Janko Lam Sophia Heussner Yuri Man 

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