EcoChic Design Award 2011 Semi-Finalists, Hong Kong

The EcoChic Design Award 2011 Semi-Finalist Exhibition contained the zero-waste designs created by our 14 semi-finalists during the EcoChic Design Award Hong Kong 2011 competition that was presented at the Sino Green Carnival at the mediterranean-style Gold Coast Piazza in Hong Kong from 22nd to 25th April, 2011. This public exhibition marked the launch of the EcoChic People’s Award, and award voted by the public online for their favourite semi-finalist. The overarching Sino Green Carnival, which featured sustainable solutions for everyday living, allowed us to put sustainable fashion onto the agenda and hopefully into the wardrobes of the 40,000 visitors.

We loved it because it gave us a chance to promote all of the semi-finalists to the public and, via the EcoChic People’s Award online voting, it provided us with an insight into the publics’ preference, as opposed to that of the judges,’ preference, for their favourite designer.

Exhibited designers

Aman Cheung Ching Man David Lee Wai Lung Eric Wong Wai Chun
Ferrando Chan Kwan Ki Fok Ho Yin Janko Lam Chun Kuk
Kloe Lee Wai Man Natalie Wong Sin Ting Sophia Heussner
Subsidee Burton Suki Kwan Sze Kin Yuri Man Yuk Yee