Retail and product collaborations

Redress collaborates with retailers and designers on sustainable fashion collections for both the mass market and luxury market. These collaborations aim to increase the availability of sustainable fashion products to consumers in Asia. In addition, some of our collaborations serve as charity fundraisers or as unique gifts for our guests attending our events.

We love this because this allows us to take sustainable fashion beyond theory and into the market.


We are collaborating with Esprit, our EcoChic Design Award retail partner, on a sustainable fashion collection made using recycled textiles, which is being designed by our EcoChic Design Award Hong Kong 2011 Winner, Janko Lam.

Harvey Nichols

We collaborated with Harvey Nichols and six Hong Kong fashion designers on a reconstructed secondhand clothing line that was retailed to raise funds for Redress. Our collaborating designers were Bonita Cheung, Cecelia Yau, Dorian Ho, Johanna Ho, Kanchan Couture and Magnan & Tse. This retail collaboration demonstrated Harvey Nichol’s strong support for local designers and environmental concerns.


We collaborated with Christina Yu, founder of Ipa-Nima, on a line of ‘EcoChic’ bags that were up-cycled using a range of luxurious fabrics that were manufacturing waste from her previous collections.

Barney Cheng

We collaborated with Barney Cheng on a limited-edition range of men’s cufflinks created by recycling discarded computer keyboards. This witty and customized accessories for perfect for those men who can’t leave their work at the office…


We collaborated with Kotur on a range of stylish and sustainable tote bags that were made using up-cycled table coverings from the grand Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. Embellished with ‘Carry the Planet’, the bags put the future in your hands…